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Lou Marini III was born in Denton, Texas.  The only child of ‘Blue Lou’ Marini, the longtime saxophone player for the original Blues Brothers Band, Lou grew up literally submerged in all types of music.  Having inherited his father’s musical DNA, Lou was a natural.  At the spry age of 4, Lou was already beating away on pots and pans, scoring his first real drum set at the age of 10.  He spent his teen years exploring the world of drumming, as well as being immersed in the soulful blues scene his father was so involved in.  From the Beatles to Aretha...Lou’s love and appreciation for all the classics runs deep.  During this same time Lou’s own generation of music inevitably began to take a front seat as bands like Judas Priest and Van Halen dominated the rock scene...and then the new wave of grunge bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice n Chains literally changed the face of music.  It is this very melding of such diverse musical backgrounds that has influenced Lou so drastically and given him such an undeniably distinct vocal sound and style.  Born and raised in Dallas, Lou fell into the DFW music scene with ease.  He spent his first few years drumming for numerous notorious DFW bands when suddenly, his entire capacity for music changed as he discovered his voice.  Somehow through all the horns and drums, no one ever noticed this kid could sing!  His raw vocal talent undeniable, Lou gave up the drums indefinitely for a microphone.  Since then he has been heating up the DFW music scene. It was clear he was on the right track when the very first original project he fronted, “Longhouse”, quickly became one of Dallas’ most up and coming Rock-n-Roll bands well on their way to being signed by RCA when they announced their untimely split in 2002.  Since then Lou has worked diligently to hone his craft, his song writing skills and his stage presence.  He formed his own blues band appropriately names "Cool Hand Lou Rhythm & Blues", as well as guest appearing over the years numerous times alongside his dad, most notoriously appearing with the Blue Brothers Band themselves in NYC at the Fox Woods Casino in early 2002.  He was also thrilled to get the opportunity to fly solo alongside his dad with special guests John Tropea, Eric Udel and Andy Newmark at the Il Bottaccio in Italy in 2011, then enjoyed another guest appearance with The Blues Brothers at the Denton Jazz & Arts Festival in 2013.  Most recently Lou has decided to revisit his roots by taking a gig drumming for the very up and coming, very young singer/guitarist Griffin Tucker, who is on a fast track to success with his recent appearance on The Voice.  Cool Hand Lou's talents have spanned 3 generations of music...and he is thrilled to be part of it all!